Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our state-of-the-art in-filled polypropylene synthetic grass products are designed to perform like natural golf course greens, so your ball will have the same spin and true roll of a natural grass green. Whether you're chipping in your backyard putting green from two yards or on our Nicklaus Designed course from 200 yards, our synthetic golf greens will hold a shot as well as a natural grass green, guaranteeing that your ball will not jump or wobble as it would on a nylon surface
Given that each project is unique, the amount of time for installation is based upon factors like weather, landscaping requirements, and the complexity and size of the project. Timelines may also be influenced by accessibility and site preparation needs. Please contact us for an estimate on your particular project.
Inside or outside, the sky's the limit! Southwest Greens Flagstaff provides custom design expertise for golf greens in varying sizes and designs for every client. Backyard putting greens for residential spaces average around 500 square feet, while artificial golf greens for commercial projects or Nicklaus Design golf courses average 1,500 square feet. Our outdoor synthetic putting greens are made uniquely for each client, considering available space as well as budget.
Artificial turfs demand a high level of expertise for design and installation. With our roots planted in the golf industry since 1996, we have truly perfected the art of golf construction. Turf blending, undulations, breaks and bunkers name just a few of the design elements important for authentic looking and rolling golf greens. With so many additional architectural features to consider over a more basic synthetic, the cost of construction for our golf greens ranges from $20 to $25 per square foot, more or less calculated considering region, accessibility and features.
The top quality of the materials we use is a crucially important factor in achieving a top-flight golf green. Our quality products deliver the rich, natural green look of genuine grass as well as the soft feel and true performance characteristics free of nylon and other popular materials used in many synthetic golf greens.
Southwest Greens Flagstaff is the recognized front-runner in the artificial turf industry. Our commitment to research and development enables us to provide the highest quality and most advanced materials on the market today. With an assortment of turf products developed to simulate the look and feel of natural grass, our custom designs reflect the particular needs, climates and conditions of any area. All Southwest Greens Flagstaff installers are required to have national certifications, guaranteeing that products and excellent workmanship will continually be of the highest quality.

Will the synthetic grass deteriorate over time? How durable is the turf?

Southwest Greens Flagstaff's original installations are 20 years old or older and have maintained the vibrant green color and texture of natural grass. Our UV-resistant synthetic turf products look and perform like new because they are crafted to withstand heavy traffic, extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations for all-year use. All installations come complete alongside a one-year workmanship warranty and manufacturer's warranty that includes fading.

Our artificial turf is engineered to be used and is highly recommended in busy areas or for long-term sporting purposes

In most instances, artificial turf is disposed of directly into landfills, using up precious space. Shaw offers a better alternative through the Green Edge Recycling Program. Once synthetic turf is removed, we can repurpose it in several different ways including carpet backing, mats, rugs, sheet goods and more.

Sand filling from the artificial grass product is mechanically taken out from the turf, separated and then put through a washing process. The filling can then be used in future fields or used as materials for other products.

Shaw has recycled over half of a billion pounds of carpet since 2007 and opened two advanced recycling facilities — Evergreen (nylon 6 recycling) and Re2E (Reclaim to Energy). Today, Shaw offers hundreds of fully certified Cradle to Cradle flooring products.

Our artificial turf products necessitate very little maintenance. For most synthetic grass applications, using a leaf blower and water hose to clear lawn and pet debris is all you need to keep the surface clean. For golf greens, normal maintenance by your local Southwest Greens Flagstaff representative every 12-18 months is recommended; we will guarantee smooth putts with regular check-ups that include inspecting the areas around the cups for any adjustments and rolling the green.
Skilled Southwest Greens Flagstaff engineers and installers are the only personnel certified to design and install our artificial turf materials. DIY purchases are available with consultation but will void any installation warranty

There are numerous reasons why artificial grass is a great option for Flagstaff pet owners! First and foremost, it's much easier to care for than natural grass — you won't have to worry about fertilizing, saving you time and money. Additionally, artificial grass is more tough than real grass, so it can withstand lots of activity. Plus, synthetic grass is safe and non-toxic, making it healthy for your pets.

It's not easy for fleas, ticks, and other pests to survive in the artificial turf. While we can’t guarantee that your yard will be completely free of pests, you can be sure they will be mostly eliminated. Because there’s no soil to support their nesting, you should keep an eye out for any accumulation of leaves or debris that can make a good breeding environment for ticks and fleas. As long as you clean your artificial lawn regularly, there will be barely any pests.

Indeed, our synthetic grass has the appearance and texture of natural grass, so your pets will be able to enjoy it just as much they would use a natural lawn. They can run on the grass to their heart's content!

Our artificial grass is crafted to be durable and resistant to damage, so it can withstand digging without being harmed. However, if your pets are relentless differs, we recommend taking measures to prevent them from digging in the grass.

Yes, cleaning artificial grass is straightforward! You can easily hose it down with clean water to remove any twigs. For more thorough cleaning, you can use soapy water and a broom to wash the grass. Take a look at our detailed cleaning guide for more details.

Fake grass is odorless, so if any smells do occur, it’s usually caused by urine specifically. Many dogs prefer to use one area of the lawn to do their business, so sometimes, you can get a little more of a build-up of odor. Our pet-turf system is designed to help eliminate odors, but there are steps you can take to ensure there's no unpleasant smell persist. We advise you use a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar to spray Fido’s favorite bathroom area. Let it dry to get rid of any remaining smell, if the our system was not used.
Our high-end synthetic turf is designed to be resilient and enduring, with a lifespan of up to 20 years with adequate maintenance. However, the longevity of your grass may depend on factors such as the amount of foot traffic it receives and how well it's maintained. Our sun-resistant synthetic turf products look and function like new because they are constructed to withstand high traffic, harsh weather, and temperature changes for all-year use. All placements come complete with a one-year labor warranty and a producer's warranty that covers discoloration.

The cost of synthetic grass for pets can change depending on factors such as the size of your yard and the variety of grass you choose. We offer a variety of synthetic grass solutions to fit different budgets and needs, so we suggest getting in touch with us for a customized quote.

While it's doable to put in pet turf on your own, we recommend employing a professional to ensure that the job is done accurately. Our skilled team can help you design and install a pet-friendly synthetic grass solution that meets your individual requirements and taste.