July 29, 2021

And why Southwest Greens Flagstaff is the ideal solution for tee lines.

Does Artificial Grass Really Cut Costs?

Simply put — yes! Many golf courses lose money because of weather or maintenance concerns, but artificial tee lines require no downtime. After installation costs, your facility will quickly generate enough revenue to see return on your initial investment.

Reduce Tee Line Maintenance

Controlling your tee line operating cost has never been as easy as with artificial turf. Here are a few ways ditching natural grass will reduce costs.

No Mowing

Synthetic grass will never need mowing. That means there will be no need to close the tee lines, no need to pay someone to mow, and no mowing equipment costs.

No Herbicides

Herbicides must be used regularly to keep weeds away — not when you have artificial turf.

No Pesticides

Pesticides get a bad rap, and for justified reasons. They are caustic chemicals and costly too.

No Watering

For a 1,000 square foot installation, this can equate to savings of 70,000 gallons per year, or up to $350 saved on the water bill, alone.

Cost-Effective, Better Playability

Facilities are rapidly discovering that waterless, easy to care for artificial turf driving lines and putting areas make for satisfied customers and contribute to the bottom line. Synthetic tee lines, hitting stations, and putting green turf enable you to swing from a surface with a natural feel but with a level of resilience that isn’t found in nature.

Decreased Maintenance

Without the need for routine mowing, fertilizing, and pest control, the return-on-investment of synthetic grass just makes the most sense.


Allows the guest to use all their clubs to perfect their swing without tearing up the grass. Additionally, you can still bury your tee into the grass like you would on a natural surface.

Safe Play

The turf won’t get swampy and slippery in heavy rainfall, and won’t get dips and divots.

Limitless Design Possibilities

Certainly, the sky’s the limit. Because synthetic turf is so customizable, it could be positioned in many locations, and in many styles.

Modular Designs

Modular tee lines make simpler and less expensive ways to change parts instead of replacing the whole panel or tee line.

Continuous Tee Line

Allows the tee line to be installed anywhere along the surface while preserving a clean, natural look.

Versatile Hitting Mats

Hitting mats could be effortlessly rotated to prolong the lifespan of the hitting area, while still offering precisely defined hitting stations for consistency.

Why Southwest Greens?

Southwest Greens Flagstaff stands by its products and installations by delivering outstanding customer service on a corporate level. We provide a 5-year limited warranty on our products and workmanship that far exceeds the industry norm.

Experts in Installation

Our skilled installers have mastered the art of installing artificial turf and will work to find the ideal choice for your facility. We can modify your installation to meet your individual needs, from grouped hitting stations to continuous tee lines.

Raises the B.A.R (bounce, aim, roll)

Our polypropylene and nylon artificial grasses are developed with the highest quality raw materials to provide performance and durability. They were scientifically engineered to mimic traditional grass; the fibers naturally displace at contact to reduce club bounce. Not to mention the fact that tee lines hold a tee!

Serious Return on Investment

Most golf facilities lose money as a result of weather conditions or maintenance problems, but synthetic turf tee lines never require downtime. After installation costs, your facility will soon generate enough revenue to quickly recoup your initial investment.

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