October 13, 2022

Synthetic turf can get hot, whether you’re located in a location that stays hot throughout the year or only during the summer. It might possibly be one of the greatest shortcoming of a synthetic surface. When a artificial grass surface is exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, it can get scorching and take some time to cool down. But because of much research and testing, Southwest Greens has the answer — Hydrochill.



Hydrochill is an innovative technology that’s added to the turf's infill that uses the science of evaporative cooling. This process works similarly to how sweat cools you. As the artificial turf is warmed by the sun (solar radiation), moisture that’s present in the surface treated with Hydrochill evaporates to remove the warmth and leave a cooler, more comfy surface.


Ambient heat outdoors doesn’t wholly control surface temperatures. Eventually, solar radiation (sunlight), the sun’s angle, cloud coverage, wind, and several other components influence the surface temperature. Hydrochill employs humidity to provide a cooling effect. This moisture comes from rainfall, dew, or irrigation to maintain a synthetic grass surface cool for days, depending on local weather. It provides its greatest benefit throughout the hottest part of the day.

Based on actual lab and outdoor lawn thermocouple data, Hydrochill has achieved 30 - 50 degrees lower surface temps compared to conventional turf systems. Furthermore tests were performed by a FLIR-Certified Thermographer utilizing the most advanced camera images and technology. Forward-Looking Infrared readings indicate just how much Hydrichill cools the surface, pictured below.

This advanced engineering comes in two kinds — as a spray application and as a pre-coated sand infill. Both are just as efficient at cooling the surface. Hydrochill moisture and is activated from irrigation systems or a simple spray from your garden hose. It is non-toxic and does not have detrimental environmental effects.




According to the CDC, heat stroke and heat exhaustion can be very bad. Heat exhaustion is the human body’s reaction to an excessive loss of water and salt — generally over sweating. Heat stroke is even more unsafe, which happens when the body is unable to control its temperature, causing sweating mechanisms to fail. A synthetic turf cooling system helps to reduce these conditions by decreasing the surface temperature.



While it’s not a hot and sunny day, artificial grass temps can still get hot enough to feel uncomfortable. Hydrochill will operate constantly to ensure your synthetic yard at a lower temp if you reside in a climate that has history of frequent rain. If you live in a low humidity environment, a swift wash every few days will make sure it is working perfectly. It will be furthermore ease for both kid’s and puppy feet.



If you are thinking about Hydrochill for an athletics field, it is one of the greatest investments you can make. heat and humidity may cause problems for players by elevating their body temp too high and leading to dehydration. When synthetic grass is cooled using an innovative technology like Hydrochill, players will perform better by positively affecting their stamina.



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